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The 5 Hour Rule

January 24, 2019

by Benjamin Boczulak

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ben Franklin and Oprah Winfrey all practice the 5 hour rule!

So, what is the 5 hour rule and why should you implement it into your life? Well the 5 hour rule is all about setting aside 5 hours per week for learning, reading, and reflection. It is this time that gives Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others time to grow their mind, intelligence, and understanding of the world.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and jobs are replaced by technology intelligence is becoming more and more valuable. According to the Market Research Society, “Intelligence Capital” is just as important as Human Capital and Financial Capital when running a business. Practicing the 5 hour rule can give an individual the leg up by improving themselves every day and preparing themselves for the changing economic and technological landscape.

I practice the 5 hour rule by reading. Most days, I spend at least 1 hour reading. At the end of this hour, I always walk away with a new thought or idea in my head and this gives me the inspiration and desire to learn more!