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The Importance of Having Your Own Platform

January 18, 2019

by Benjamin Boczulak

Many people ask me why I have my own website? The answer is because it is my OWN platform, that I have 100% control over.

Every day it seems there is more and more opposition to social media. Every day there are more scandals about private companies using consumers personal data in malicious ways. Having a platform that is 100% under your control gives you more creative freedom and independence from large corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Additionally, creating content for my platform creates value for ME and not someone else. For example, if I make a post on Instagram, Instagram benefits because they can use my post to sell advertisements. On my website, there are no advertisements and my content is creating value for my business and not someone else’s.

My website is also a place where my data is under my control and I can regulate how and for how long my content is published. For example, when Google Plus was shut down all content posted to Google Plus was essentially erased from the internet without the input of Google Plus users. With my website, I can keep my data online or offline as much or as little as I want. This ultimately gives me greater freedom to control my data.

Many people also have also criticized publishing platforms and social media websites about their acts of censorship against certain types of content. This type of censorships is nearly nonexistent when you own your own platform. The type of content that gets published to my website is up to my discretion and control.

It is also worth mentioning, that I have complete creative control over the design of my website. After any major UI update to a social media platform there is immediate backlash. This is nonexistent when you own your own platform. I have complete control over the design and layout of my website. I can choose the layout and colors that best represent my brand and best enhance the user experience.

Overall, I encourage everyone to have their own website where they own the content and the distribution. This enables more design flexibility, more creative freedom, and restricts the control of massive social media companies on your content. Make your product the center of attention and don’t be adding value to someone else’s!