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5 Lessons from Malibu Beaches

January 17, 2019

by Benjamin Boczulak

It is the five-year anniversary of Malibu Beaches on iTunes. To commemorate this occasion, I wrote five lessons that I took away from creating Malibu Beaches.

1. Just do it!

Many people get stuck to embrace the status quo. Forget the expectations and forge your own path!

2. Create more!

The average American adult watches about 5 hours of live TV per day! That is insane! I strongly encourage that people create more and consume less. Creating leads to the establishment of value while mindless consumption leads to destruction of value. There is little to show after 5 hours of watching TV, however, after 5 hours in Logic Pro, there will be a song that can be published on iTunes. At the end of the day, creation leaves evidence of work, while consumption does not. So, what is a better use of your time?

3. Measure twice, cut once!

If there is one thing, I “regret” about Malibu Beaches, that is the errors. You have one chance to master and revise your product. Make sure your product is as perfect as possible before you commit and share it to the world. Try testing and get feedback on your product before you try to publish or sell it. People may not be nice, but they will save you from the embarassment of releasing a subpar product.

4. Regret nothing!

Yes, Malibu Beaches is embarrassing. But I learned to embrace it!

5. Do it the hard way!

Creating Malibu Beaches was much more than just getting my name on an iTunes page. I learned how the music industry works and how to create and master music. Furthermore, I developed web development and graphic design skills to advertise and promote the song. The value add here is huge, and publishing the song gave me the opportunity to expand my skills in other areas that others my age have no experience.

I guess the moral of the story is just to create more, I encourage everyone in 2019 to start a project that they are passionate about!