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Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

There is so much to see and explore in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The park offers year round fun and a unique experience at each visit. I have compiled a list of my favorite hiking spots around the park. I made sure to include a lot of variety so there is something for everyone!

Tree Farm Trail

2.8 Miles

2 Hours

~200 ft of Elevation Change

Free Parking at Horseshoe Pond

This is a short easy hike that gives views of a tree farm. Park at Horseshoe Pond parking lot, head north until intersection. Follow trail markers for Tree Farm Trail.

Brandywine Gorge Trail

1.4 Miles

1 Hour

~160 ft of Elevation Change

Free Parking at Brandywine Falls

This is one of the most popular hiking spots in the park and for good reason too! The trail takes you down a boardwalk that gives great views of Brandywine Falls. Park at Brandywine Falls and continue down the gravel road until trail marker on the left indicates Brandywine Gorge Loop. Follow signs for Brandywine Gorge Loop. This trail is very popular, especially on weekends. Please note there is many stairs, so individuals with difficulty on stairs may have trouble.

Lake Trail

1 Mile

3/4 Hour

~20 ft of Elevation Change

Free Parking at Kendall Lake Shelter

This is another popular destination in the park. This hike would be great for families with small children because it loops around a lake but doesn't have much elevation change. Park at Kendall Lake Shelter. Follow markers past shelter. Follow signs for Lake Trail. Please advise, be careful when trail crosses northern entrace to parking lot because drivers have low visibility.

Salt Run Trail

3.3 Miles

2 Hours

~150 ft of Elevation Change

Free Parking at Pine Hollow

Salt Run Trail is great for those seeking a less crowded trail and want more of a challenge. Park at Pine Hollow and follow signs west towards Salt Run Trail. Salt Run also connects to Lake Trail at the northern point, consider this for an additional 1 Mile of distance and a nice view around the lake.

Ledges Trail

1.8 Miles

1.5 Hours

~100 ft of Elevation Change

Free Parking at Ledges Shelter

Ledges Trail is one of the most popular in the whole park because of its views of the ledges. This trail takes you next to and on top of some facinating natural rock formations. On weekends expect crowds. Park at Ledges Shelter Parking Lot and head north until intersection of two trails. Follow signs left for Ledges Trail.

These have been my reccomendations for the best hikes in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP). If you want any more specific reccomendations please feel free to contact me through the "Contact" tab. If hiking is not your thing, there are plenty of other things to do in Cuyahoga Valley National Park such as biking, picnicking, and more!

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