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My name is Benjamin Ernest Boczulak. I am currently a full time student attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I graduated from Brecksville Broadview Heights High School in June of 2018. Years prior, in 2013 I began to experiment with music and music production, this resulted in the release of my first song, “Malibu Beaches” in January of 2014. The song drew attention from my peers and this led to the creation of many more songs. In spite of the songs success, I announced my retirement from the music industry in May of 2016. However, I continue to offer advice and develop songs for clients under my record label, “Malibu Money Records”. In the time following my departure from the music business, I began to experiment with photography. My photos depicting architecture, nature, and patterns have seen critical praise. The love for photography mainly grew from my love of nature and hiking. I felt the need to capture what was seen on my adventures, thus my love for the hobby was born. While on the trails, I thought of the idea for my current venture, “CAIRN”. “CAIRN” is a simple and beautiful guide to national parks. “CAIRN” makes it easy to find a trail and conquer it. The project is still in its early stages of development, but the vision and potential are certainly present.